Nick Reid

I’m a designer, developer, and graduate student in Health Informatics at the University of Michigan. I study how health information technology is changing health literacy.

Professional topics I'm fond of include art, disability and HIV. Otherwise, I enjoy rock climbing, biking and beer.

Find my resume here, or contact me about almost anything.

My Work

Citizen Interaction Design with the Jackson County Health Department

As part of a collaboration between the City of Jackson, Michigan and the University of Michigan, I'm working with the Jackson County Health Department to increase immunization rates among adolesecents. Contributing to the low immunization rates is a 7-8 year gap between most recent immunizations and their required or recommended vaccinations. This gap in medical attention means contact information for the child's parents goes out of date, and that many parents don't realize the need for their children to be vaccinated.

I will update this website as the project continues.

San Francisco HIV Charts

I worked with epidemiologists to experiment with HIV epidemiology data at the HIV Prevention Section of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. I aimed to create a real-time social environment in which users could share and learn from aggregate data. I presented this project at American Public Health Association in 2012.

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is by email.

My email address is